Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sick.... again

So most people in my family can tell you that I don't really get sick. I have my once or twice a year cold and I'm done. So why is it that when I spend three months in Italy I spend half of it ill?
When you are the sick person in a group of 50 crammed onto busses, classrooms, and coffeeshops no one really wants to be around you. Now, I'm not saying that I have no friends here and I'm not whining that no one wants to hang out with me. Hell, I don't want to hang out with me if I'm this sick. But after a couple of days you get antsy and homesick. Don't get me wrong, I love it here and probably wont want to leave when the time is up, but its the comforts of home and people that truly love me that I miss. There isn't anyone here who has the same level of care that a family member or loved one has when you are sick. Its a strange experience for me. I miss the space to spread out and be sick in your room so you don't infect everyone around you. I have basically been hiding in my room for the past few days because I don't want to get everyone else here sick. And for the first time I had a teacher tell me not to go to class because I was feeling so bad. Weird.
I wont bore you with the gory details of my illness, but I'm excited about going to the doctor and getting some better medicines. Thankfully I had some good advice from Dave about vitamins. They seem to be helping a lot.
Thankfully the weather is starting to heat up, and soon I may not have to wear long underwear on windy days. Its neat watching the process of growing things here, and things starting to bloom. Maybe I'll notice things more when I get back home. Maybe its just because the agriculture is right in our back door.
So, this weekend we went to Orvietto. I'm just going to come out and say it. I was miserable. I shouldnt have gone because of how sick I was. At any rate. I was heavily medicated, and I did enjoy myself by stuffing my face with pain au chocolat, hot chocolate, pizza, a glass of wine, and gelatto. So I'm not saying I didnt enjoy myself. hahahaha
Here's hoping tomorrow goes better for me at the doctor's office, and a road to recovery.

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  1. Was flying home from Chicago on Sunday, hope you are much better by now and meds are helping <3 Love you bunches!!!
    Did you get msg to watch Sam's concert video on my profile page? It only takes 3 min. each or so, two songs. They did so great :)))
    Talk to you soon, hang in there!!
    love, Aunt Nancy