Sunday, March 20, 2011

Assisi and Perugia

So Yesterday was a fun trip. We went to Assisi and Perugia.
I was so excited to be able to have that religious interaction in Assisi that I have been missing in the trip. It was very relaxing.
Assisi is my favorite city in Italy, and I have decided that if I lived in Italy that I would much rather live in the Umbria area than anywhere else I've been. It still is Etruscan towns, but the structures of the towns are different. Things are a little bigger, and spread out. It's a little more comforting and like home. I think it is a nicer area, because the homes are larger. However, once you get to Perugia, which is still in Umbria, there are apartment complexes as far as the eye can see!!
At any rate, the area in and around Assisi is beautiful.
Last night some good friends invited me to go to the Cowboy restaurant! It was so weird. Its down the hill outside of town, and had the best Italian food. (weird huh?) We sat and talked for three hours and enjoyed ourselves, and the Johnny Cash music.
This morning after walking around town and getting some groceries, we all sat out and had lunch on the lawn out in front of the Educational building next door. We made daisy chains and wore them in our hair like we were kids, and had some serious conversations about the war, and all of that. A rather interesting and funny situation if you ask me.
We talked about how sometimes we forget where we are. Even if you go into town every day. Its becoming a part of our daily life so it isn't foreign to us anymore.
At this point the only thing I have left as far as being sick is a slight cough in the evenings.
I'm getting better, but sometimes I just need my alone time, and I try to get that through journaling and getting out of the Kehoe Center. (The building where we live)
I have been talking to Lukas, and I am hoping to get the trip to Germany finalized soon. I'm thinking I will be able to take a trip and Leave April 23rd in the evening on a train and arrive early morning in Munich on Easter Sunday. I would meet the family in Munich and spend the day with them. We would drive back to Augsberg and then on Monday return home. Its a short visit, but Its hard to manage more than that with both of our schedules. I am looking forward to getting out of Italy, and seeing the Shillings! I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to get to Germany, because it is one of my very favorite places. :)
 This week is going to be very busy, but I think it will be good. Our painting class may be taking a trip to Rome. I also have to start working on my Art History 8 page Caravaggio Paper. I will have to have that finished before I go to Deutchland. I think I will be writing about Caravaggio and Religion, and how they interact. I think that I may be pulling out a B in my Art History Renaissance class, but I found out that my teacher is a rather tough grader, so I am pleased with my grades.
We dont really have Art History this week anyway because she is in Canada teaching something. So, I'm hoping I can get some stuff done while she is gone.
I miss everyone! More updates soon!


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  2. It's fun to follow your adventures! Keep writing, girl!