Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cortona in Love

The past few days have been great for me. I think I'm slowly getting accustomed to daily life in an Italian city. Our schedules for class are very calm. My earliest class is at 11 am, and for most of the week I have one class a day. It gives you time to not only complete assignments, but enjoy life as well. You can take the time to take a nap in the sun or walk around Cortona shopping for something silly like chocolate or just people watch.

I think I am slowly getting over this sickness. I'm just coughing now so that is a plus.
I made my first book today. It was really cool knowing that you made something useful and others can enjoy it as well. I'm thinking I may continue book making even after I go home from Italy. It just seems like a useful skill to have I think. This time we just made a small four page book, but we are moving up to larger and harder books to construct soon.
In painting class we are doing still lives, and during the lecture I was totally dreading what I was going to paint. Then I decided since I wanted to paint fish before I came to Italy I may as well try it! So I found a few cool pictures of a Brooke trout I think it is? Anyway I hope that it ends up being a cool painting. It will be a challenge creating all of those colors!
The one class I am worried about is the Caravaggio art history class. I keep falling asleep when I try to read!! some of the readings are more difficult then others, and I get annoyed when you have to sit and read a paragraph twice in order to understand somewhat about what is going on.... kinda like that High School Chemistry book.... at any rate I think it will be nice having discussions though.

Valentines day here was adorable. It was probably the best I have ever had despite the fact we really didn't do anything. The nicest thing was when my roommate and I went to a lounge and just had a nice drink in a quiet area. Some of the other students went out to a place called "The Lions Well" Which is an english speaking bar that hosts not only the UGA students but the canadian students nearby......
Yes... there are Canadians here too... boo. I don't really see them so part of me thinks that it is a myth. :D  I got yummy chocolate to treat myself on Valentine's day, and did get to exchange an email with the boy so things are good.
I did laundry for the first time today! (gross I know) But it was a great experince. Putting your clothes out on a line outside like that. Surrounded by olive trees, and old stone walls. I'm glad I did my laundry today. Apparently it is supposed to rain and be nasty for the next few days. I'm hoping it isnt too bad.
I can't believe we have only been here a week. It feels like much longer for some reason.
I think one of the things I miss most from home is the food. Yeah everything here is super fresh and delicious, but at the same time its hard not to crave one of those big greasy cheeseburgers, or a taco of all things! Mexican food doesn't exist here. I NEVER though I would be the one to be craving Mexican food. I'm surprised at how much I am clinging to American food. Like I love eating peanut butter here, and getting a bag of chips or something. And chocolate... I have been eating a lot of German chocolate.... not healthy huh? But the other food that is all natural has been great for my skin! Totally don't have any of those yucky bumps on my arms anymore! Or at least nowhere near as bad. I also miss German food. I have no Idea if I am going to make it up to see friends in Germany, but Im 90% sure I wouldn't want to leave Germany. hahaha
I miss everyone and think of ya'll often. Write to me! I would love to get mail from home! or even email me if you want! I know the Addresses are on the Cortona Studies abroad website through the Art school. ( I tried getting them but the internet is super slow here)

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