Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So, the past few days we have been in Florence, and it is a wonderful city!.... or at least I think it is.... I can't really say because I was inside so much. I started feeling sick the day we got to Florence, and it just kind of escalated as the day went on. At its worst I had a fever and had/still have a nasty cough. I was able to get out and see the Duomo, Michelangelo's David, and get my art supplies for Cortona. After that, no I was in the room asleep. Great way to spend the trip huh?
Well there is some good news because Florence is only like an hour train ride away from Cortona, so I can make a trip of it one weekend or something.
Anyway we made it to Cortona this afternoon and I have to say it is my favorite city we have been in yet. I could totally live here! (well... I am for the next 2 1/2 months but that doesnt really count does it?)
I went to the doctor this afternoon and found out that I have some fluid in my upper lungs, so he prescribed some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory stuff. However I was told that Italians would normally stay home for a week until they feel better, and that is totally normal for the culture. I kind of wish I could do that, but I totally have classes on Monday. I'm hoping I can do some resting for the rest of this weekend.
The Doctor was great, but the office was so different than I was used to. You walk into a small room where everyone is waiting, but you just kind of wait your turn untill you are let into a small room that is cramped with the doctor's desk, supplies, and a patient table. It didnt look like the sterile situations I am used to back home!!!
I know this one is short, but I'm looking forward to getting better and posting more.

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