Thursday, February 24, 2011


So you know when you were younger and you would have a growth spurt and it always hurt your knees? Yeah its not that I’m growing physically (However an extra inch or two wouldn't hurt) It's the emotional changes and changes that I cant really verbalize that are the things I’m experiencing at this point. I guess I came to this conclusion through our critique today.
Its funny how having such a slower pace to life will make you examine things or realize things. I cant really say or express what exactly is changing, but I know that they are for the better. I’m excited to see what I’m like when I get back to the states.
I know that my art is going to be different when I come home. I think on one hand I am becoming more solidified in the things I like to do artistically, and also forcing myself to focus on things in my artistic career that I am weak at. This semester I am forcing myself to focus on color in my paintings and hopefully by the end of the semester will have a good start to where I want to end up artistically.
Looking ahead at the obstacles and challenges I will be faced with is intimidating. And I know this is going to sound dumb and corny, but I really do think that this slower pace to life is letting my true colors show. I can focus on my own passions and things that I have a deep true love for I will draw to by myself without the prompt of an assignment or a friendly suggestion by a friend or family member.
 I haven’t wanted my violin or some sort of instrument in my hands as much as I have for the past few weeks in a long time. The best news so far is that there is a GIRL here MY AGE who plays OLD TIME AND BLUEGRASS!!!! I’m itching to get an instrument in my hands so we can play around together. She goes to UGA so hopefully we can play together back at school!
As far as my fish painting goes, the crit went well and my teacher really liked it, however I think I bit off a bit more than I could chew as far as color goes. (Too many different colors at once that have to work harmoniously together) So I am going to make my works a little more simple for the next few pieces. I’m hoping to culminate at the end of the semester with color and portraits. Hopefully the product is good! Maybe I’ll be able to come back to fish to practice with color again once I get stronger with mixing and color theory. I still really like the brookie painting, but maybe I can get a better product later in the semester once Ive had a little more time.

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