Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Mass

So today I went on my own personal adventure and went to Mass! It was really exciting because I went to Cortona's Duomo. Its pretty amazing that this church butts up to the city walls and looks over into the valley where there is a huuuuge burial complex at the bottom. Like. Italy's graveyards are really fancy.
Anyway the mass I went to was really sweet, because there were a bunch of kids singing all of the songs, and there were plenty of guitars and even a great flute player. Its amazing how they want to get kids involved. There were like 6 altar servers! (5 of which were children. I think the adult was the master of ceremonies or something to the effect.) There were two kids sitting on the front pew who both had guitars and were 'playing along' to the music. Mostly strumming the same couple chords over and over, but it was cute to see going up to get communion.
I sat next to this wonderful old lady who, I must say, was very fashionable. She had glasses that had rhinestones in the frames, and a long black fur lined jacket.
I'm going to go on a tangent here and just say that the Italians are OBSESSED with fur jackets. Like you either have a fur jacket, or you have one of those shiny ugly bright puffy jackets. Ok back to the old lady.
She also wore GOLD TENNIS SHOES! This lady is after my own heart. It was wonderful knowing that the Italians still hold hands during the Our Father. Part of me really wants to learn how to say these prayers in Italian, because I can't even get the words out in English because I don't know where they are in the prayer! Oh well.
Pisa and Lucca were so beautiful yesterday! I wish I could post pictures here, but it takes forever. If you are my friend on facebook you can totally see them.
In Lucca I even got to express my inner nerd and go to a Comic book Museum!!! it was really wonderful to see the original drawings from these books. I think I made my brother jealous, because one of the doors is fashioned to look like the Stargate. It was wonderful. They even gave us free comic books in english! I got Wolverine and Deadpool. It was awesome. hahaha
I finally got my fix for Gelatto! The gelatteria in Cortona is closed until springtime, so we are all anxiously waiting the opening of that.
Speaking of eating.... I'm eating all the time. I think I'm going to be going back on P-90X when I get back home.... I don't think Ive gained any weight yet, but if I keep noshing down Milka at the rate I'm going I will be the size of a house. And as far as the status on the Milka eggs.... still nowhere to be seen.
I think Sundays here are my favorite. Its amazing walking around and seeing all of the Italians just out and enjoying each others company. 
Well I'm going to hopefully get some reading done this afternoon. I'm on Skype if you want to chat!

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  1. Love hearing about your adventure :) thx for sharing. Love ya!!!!! I'm with Aunt Mary at Edisto, loving the view.