Sunday, April 10, 2011

An End in Sight

So, as bittersweet as it is, we only have two weeks left in this wonderful town. The last week we will be in Venice. (I'm so excited about Venice) Its crazy though, because at the end of this week I need to have two paintings finished, my paper written, and oh probably have that book done. At any rate I have all week to work on things so I'm not too stressed.... yet.
Everything is green now. The trees just sprouted new leaves, and they are that bright beautiful green. Its so hard because the only thing I want to do is sit in a bar/cafe and people watch. Now that all the tourists are here its a completly different city!!! When we got here there was basically a few locals toddling around but now its packed with people.... (lots of middle aged single american women. *cough*underthetuscansun*cough*) Not that I have anything against them, but you can tell because they keep talking about it. Lots of Italians visiting too with their families. Its kind of amazing how tourists bring a town to life. The locals have also become increasingly more surprised the more Italian we speak. Its not like we are saying anything different, its just everyone else won't speak Italian who comes. The waiter at the Trattoria we went to got really excited when I used the phrase 'anchio' correctly in a conversation. It was pretty funny.
Also, they don't believe in sunscreen here, and/or they dont like people who HAVE To wear sunscreen.... The higher the grade of sunscreen you want the more expensive it gets! HOW LAME IS THAT?! so, I got the spf 10 and it was still 11 Euro. Bright side is, I may actually have some sort of a tan when I get back.... not saying it will be a pretty one... but I may not be glow in the dark anymore.
I registered for classes, and I'm hoping to graduate Summer 2012, so I will only be a super senior for the summer! I'm going to be very busy the next year but I think that will be good. The more off time I have the more distracted I get and the more I procrastinate.... hahahaha.

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