Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rome take 2 and Siena

So this week has been really busy.
Thursday our painting class took a trip to Rome for the day and got to see the national modern art museum, and a visit a couple studios of artists working in Rome.
The best part about the trip is the end. You would think having over an hour to get to the other side of Rome would be good right? Not... We literally ended up running to the train station. Across streets, through traffic, and restaurants. Pretty much the highlight of my trip! We were laughing the whole way... until we were legitimately sprinting down to the train.
Yesterday we went to Siena which was very beautiful. The Duomo was probably one of my favorite churches this far. It is built out of black and white marble that is laid in stripes. Part of the creation story of Siena has to do with Rome. Romulus and Remus created Rome, but one of the brothers actually had twin sons as well, who went on to found Siena. It was said that they rode into where current day Siena is on a white horse and a black horse. Which is why the duomo is black and white. Oh yeah I saw St. Catherine of Siena.... well... part of her... her head actually.... which was... um... strange...
After having minor freak outs last night with finishing everything that is due within the next week, I realized I really don't have too much left, and I can relax a little bit. This morning we went into town and saw the classic car races! It was really awesome to see all of these nice old european cars. There was one Dodge Challenger there though! However.... by the end of the race it was smoking pretty bad.... oops...
At this point I really only have an exam, a painting, and a few scribbles in a book left. I'm looking forward to the last few days in Cortona where we can relax and enjoy the city before Venice.
Its sad knowing we only have one full week left, and we all know how fast that is going to go. I guess right now I'm kind of enjoying the calm before the storm of things that are going to happen this week.

I got to see a camp friend this week! Taylor Rebecca actually came to Cortona to visit her roommate who happens to be studying here with me! IT was awesome talking about camp things, and randomly singing songs while in Rome.

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