Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So, taking a break from studying Art History. Its kind of crazy how after today I will pretty much be done with all of my classes here.
I'm really happy with what I have learned and gained from this semester, and despite a few bumps I'm really happy with the growth Ive had with my paintings. I'm actually really sad I wont be able to have them for a year, but I made sure to get some pictures of them before they get packed up on a crate.
This semester has been one big growth spurt, and I think influences from Italy will continue to work into my pieces as time goes on. Its almost like I have been growing with Italy itself. We got here when it was still wintertime, and as we grew and gained knowledge, so Italy grew into spring. (Yeah cheesy analogy I know, but I think its true) Its so beautiful here now, and I'm going to miss how beautiful everything is. Not that home isnt beautiful its just different.
I'm also excited to keep making books. Its a skill that I'm surprised I like so much, but it is soothing having a task to just build something, and after its done it can be used by other people.
The way I think about my art has changed, and I have been thinking more about why I like something, or why I dislike something. Ive discovered I like having my art grounded in something physical, or scientific.  But I do have to say I love it when artists can take that skill and make it more gossamer or less literal.
  I feel a sense of growth because I can discuss the reasons I like or dislike art in a more educated way. As simple as that may sound its very encouraging, because I have struggled with my pride. I never gave certain art styles a chance. For instance, I had no idea what West Coast Abstraction looked like. We watched a movie called "The Cool School" and I kind of understood more what its about.

I feel like Ive made big steps this semester, and I'm excited to come home and see how this life experience influences me even more. The Director of the program said in his artist talk that we may not feel like we have been influenced now, but this is an experience that will effect your life in ways that you won't expect in the future. I think he is right.
I just know I have no regrets when I leave Cortona. I took every opportunity I could, and worked as hard as I could. I still managed to have a very good time, and am really happy with the friends I have made here.
I can't wait to come back with family. I'm so excited to show them this place.
Va Bene!

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